Architects and surveyors increasingly need to consider flood defences in their designs. In the UK we continue to build on floodplains, therefore the need to incorporate flood mitigation products is only going to increase.

Buffalo Flood Systems are robust and proven flood mitigation products that architects and surveyors specify because they know it is a product clients can rely on.

What type of buildings are Buffalo products designed for?

The Buffalo range includes products for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, which can be installed in new build properties or retro-fitted to existing buildings.

We make our designs as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as can be seen by our beautiful wooden flood doors (link to wooden door page) for residential properties or our innovative Buffalo Panel System (link to page) for commercial properties or Buffalo Glass for coastlines, listed buildings or areas of beauty.

What specification are Buffalo flood products?

All of our products are custom made and tested to BS PAS 1188. Which represent typical conditions that might be experienced during a flood in the UK.

What level of intervention from people do your flood defences require?

It is important to consider in your design whether you require passive (no human intervention) or reactive flood defences (requires human intervention). The Buffalo range has products to complement both passive and reactive flood defences, and we recommend you speak to one of our distributors if you have any questions regarding the most suitable product.

Data sheets are available to download by entering your email on this page,  alternatively, our distributors would be happy to answer any of your questions. Click the button below to see our distributors.

Why specify the Buffalo Flood Systems range?

  • Exceptional quality, with aesthetically pleasing designs

  • Robust and effective flood protection

  • Custom designed – passive and reactive protection available

  • Manufactured in the UK