We love innovations that make our working life easier, and the launch of Ark 3D printer is guaranteed to make building 3D models cheaper and quicker. Created by architects for architects, Platonics Ark will enable architects to print a model straight from CAD into 3D printable STL files.

A manual task which used to take 10 hours can now be achieved in minutes! This means models can be built on a daily basis rather than just once or twice during a project, facilitating greater creativity and design. With the plug & play functionality and easy web application, printing can be started immediately when the product is unboxed.

Adding to the easiness of the software, the maintenance of Platonics Ark has been reduced to a minimum. It’s self-cleaning and self-calibrating printer, and easily replaceable modular design spares the user from messy cleaning and handling clogged parts.

We think this is an awesome tool which will be the future for architects. Here are some thoughts from the CEO:

Julio Tiusanen, CEO and Co-founder of Platonics comments: “We at Platonics don’t think architects should adapt to 3D printing, but 3D printing should adapt to architecture. We want to help architects better communicate about their design concepts so that people from different backgrounds can easily comprehend projects. Quality 3D printing of scale models can and should be as common as any other form of printing. With Platonics Ark’s fast and easy to use software, hardware setup, material handling, and maintenance we believe we are very close to making this vision a reality.”

WATCH the video to get more info or go to www.platonics.fi