AIR BRICKS ARE VULNERABLE TO INTRUSION FROM RATS, MICE AND WASPS leading to infestation and nests in your sub-floor void. And the constant scratching gets frustrating, even preventing you from sleeping, and rats can also chew through floorboards which can lead to expensive renovation. Air brick mesh is made of rodent proof stainless steel to protect the air brick from unwanted entry.

RODENT MESH AIR BRICK COVERS for 9″ x 3″ Airbricks – Air bricks are designed to allow air to ventilate your property and prevent the property from damp. Air brick covers ensure your air bricks will function as normal, but have a rodent proof mesh over the front to prevent intrusion. The mesh prevents entry of rats, mice and wasps.

For the best results, air brick covers can be used in conjunction with drain pipe protectors.

The Buffalo Air Brick Mesh Covers are now available at Water & Pest Technologies.