Air brick flood covers allow you to maintain necessary air flow to your property, ensuring you do not suffer from damp rot. Anti-flood air bricks are also an alternative for air brick flood protection. These devices (flaps or balls) restrict the air flow that normal air bricks provide.

Air Brick Flood Cover Advantages

  • Air brick covers are easy to install, and do not require any expertise or concrete. This makes them more cost effective and quicker to install, particularly if you are retro fitting to a property.
  • Air brick covers comply with Environment Agency guidelines on protecting your property from flooding.
  • Air brick flood covers are quicker to install than alternatives, such as sand bags.
  • Bright red cover to remind you to remove the cover once the flood risk has subsided.

The Buffalo Air Brick Flood Cover comes in a terracotta frame, with a bright red removeable cover. The seal is located inside the cover.

Where to buy?

Buffalo Air Brick Flood Covers are available from: