The Buffalo is pleased to release the latest version of the Buffalo water and rodent non return valve. The new drain rat blocker has a stainless steel flap, face and hinge to provide additional benefits to the rodent control.

Why use a Drain Rat Blocker?

Rats love to live in the sewage system because the dark, wet environment. Unfortunately, this means rats can come up the drain pipes and even into your toilet. Drain rat blockers are used to stops rats coming up drain pipes by allowing them to leave your property but not come back up the sewer pipe.

A rat blocker is a humane way to deal with rats, as it acts as a non return valve, allowing the rat to leave but not come back. The issue with using rat poisons is they can cause the rat to panic, which leads to the rat chewing through pipes and causing even more damage. This can be costly to rectify. In addition, the rat may die under your floor boards or in your house from the poison, which means they could cause disease and nasty smells.

The rat blocker is a drain pipe protector.

Another major benefit of the Buffalo rat blocker is it also prevents backflow in flood events.

Where do I install a Rat Blocker?

Outside your property will be an inspection chamber, which connects your property to the main sewage system. The pipes will be 110mm / 4 inch in diameter, which is what the Buffalo Drain Rat Blocker is designed for. Just lift the lid and push the Buffalo valve into the inlet pipe leading into the inspection chamber.

Where can I buy?

The Buffalo valve is available at Water & Pest Technologies online store, Fernco or Amazon.