The Buffalo Energy Efficient Airbrick is innovatively designed to reduce heat loss from your home, improving your energy efficiency and carbon footprint. In the same shape as a standard airbrick, it can be installed into new or existing properties. In normal conditions will allow air to flow through and ventilate the space underneath the floor.

Inside the Buffalo Energy Efficient Airbrick is an innovative air flow deflection, which reduces the impact of adverse and windy weather on a property, reducing heat loss and drafts. By increasing the weather protection of the vent, the property is able to retain more heat, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. The combination of the grill and air flow deflection works in a similar way to an air brick cowl, but more effective and durable.

As well as the innovative automatic valve, the UK manufactured Buffalo Energy Efficient Airbrick

  • Has a unique stepped front grille to reduce wind and driven rain.
  • Has an integral grip allowing multiple airbricks to be stacked together (create double or triple air brick vents)
  • The brick has a removable grille, allowing easy access for maintenance and inspection purposes. This is much easier to check for any debris or pests that could be hiding in an air brick cowl.
  • No tools required for installation or maintenance, simply clip off the front grill.
  • No screws required install or remove during maintance.
  • It complies with all relevant building regulations.
  • It can be installed in old or new build properties
  • Colours: Terracotta, Buff, Black, White, Engineering Blue 

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