We are pleased with our latest installation of the Buffalo Flood Barrier, at the Tai Wai station in Hong Kong.

The barriers are used to protect lower car parking areas from flooding. The barriers are manufacturerd in the UK, and made with aluminium. The demountable flood barriers can be installed within a few minutes if a flood warning is raised.

A key feature of the demountable flood system is the demountable post. This is required to provide structural support when protecting larger areas of risk (such as garage doors, loading bays or car park entrances). It is advisable to have a demountable post every 2.4m (although please consult with to understand the risk for your potential area).

The flood barriers were exported from the UK to our exclusive agent in the local area. For more information please contact us.

Buffalo Flood Barrier Garage

Buffalo Aluminium Flood Barrier installed in Tai Wai Station

Buffalo Flood Barrier

Tai Wai Station Hong Kong Flood Barrier