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27 02, 2019

Anti Flood Non Return Valves

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Over 50% of flood damages comes from back flow. Backflow arises when drains become overwhelmed by storm water during in flood events. A drain non return valve has a single flap to prevent water backing up the drain pipe and flooding your property. There are two types of anti-flood non return valves: Retro-fit and In-Line. Retro-fit – the easiest way [...]

11 09, 2017

Launch of the Buffalo Innovations blog

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We are pleased to announce a new blog for our site, Buffalo Innovations. The blog will focus on providing our readers with information on new innovative products from the UK. Our goal is to increase awareness and foster insightful feedback for innovators. We encourage you to use social media to spread the news of U.K. innovations, helping to create an [...]

13 08, 2017

Buffalo Flood Systems Launched – The Most Reliable Flood Products on the Market

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Buffalo Flood Systems is proud to launch a new brand of flood mitigation products. Buffalo Flood Systems are designed to be strongest and most reliable flood defence products available on the market. We strive for innovating and quality flood products, engineered with simplicity and usability to deliver robust solutions for clients. Our product range is built on our experience working [...]