Drain Rat Stopper: Non Return Valves

Drain Rat Stopper: Non Return Valves

Rats infestation in the home can be a disturbing and frustrating problem, but a rat blocker can protect your drains and stop rats affecting your homes.

Why are rats in my drains?

Rats are needy animals that require food and water every day. They need small amounts of regular water, so the drainage system provides the perfect environment for them to live. With a damp environemnt and excess food, the drainage system is a great habitat for rats. Given drains provide the perfect environment for rats, and the sheer number of rats in the UK, we won’t be able to stop them in the drainage system. But we will be able to stop rats coming into your property and affecting your home.

Can rats run up drain pipes?

Yes, rats often enter your property via the drainage system. Due to flexible vertebrae and ribs cages, rats are able to squeeze into tight spaces and even round the U-bend of a toilet. If you don’t believe us, check out this video on Youtube of a rat climbing up a toilet.

How to stop rats in drains?

A rat blocker is a great way to stop rats coming up the drain pipe. The valves have a single stainless steel flap, which allows rats to leave the property but not come back up the pipe. Rats look for the easiest route to food and water, so when they try to come back up the pipe they are turned away by the stainless steel flap and go to another pipe.

Where to install a rat blocker?

Rat blockers are installed in the inspection chamber outside of your property. The inspection chamber (also known as a manhole) will have multiple pipes leading into the chamber. Open the lid to the chamber, and determine which pipe leads up to your property. Then all you need to do is push a the non return valve into the pipe. This takes one minute and requires no tools.

Where to buy rat blocker?

You can buy a rat blocker from Water & Pest Technologies, Amazon or Fernco.



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