11 10, 2017

Innovative Multi-use Flood Defence: Using Beach Hut As A Flood Barrier

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At Milford-on-sea, they have designed an innovative, multi-use flood defence solution. Architects and engineers worked together to create the traditional coloured beach huts, which also act as a flood barrier to protect the local town. The brief required the replacement beach huts to be able to handle a 1 in a 200-year storm and was commissioned after a similar storm [...]

18 09, 2017

Graphene – A U.K. Innovation You Need To Know About

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Graphene is the strongest, lightest material known to man. Discovered at The University of Manchester, the race is on for patents for this revolutionary product. Never heard of graphene? You should have done, watch this video to learn about graphene and how it could change all of our lives.

18 09, 2017

Economics of Climate Change Innovation

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Do we need subsidies to tackle climate change? Or is there another way to revolutionize how we consume energy? Can we innovate the price of green energy down? We need capital to invest in technology to reduce energy costs. Watch this great Ted Talk on how to solve the issue.

11 09, 2017

Launch of the Buffalo Innovations blog

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We are pleased to announce a new blog for our site, Buffalo Innovations. The blog will focus on providing our readers with information on new innovative products from the UK. Our goal is to increase awareness and foster insightful feedback for innovators. We encourage you to use social media to spread the news of U.K. innovations, helping to create an [...]

11 09, 2017

Japan’s HUGE Underground Flood Tanks

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Japan has constructed huge underground discharge channel on the outskirts of Tokyo. The tunnel, dug 50 meters below ground, extends 6.3 km in total. The underground construction, comprising vertical shafts to store floodwater – which look more like gigantic tanks – and a mammoth water tank supported by towering pillars weighing 500 tons each, is far beyond anyone's wildest imagination. [...]

13 08, 2017

Buffalo Flood Systems Launched – The Most Reliable Flood Products on the Market

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Buffalo Flood Systems is proud to launch a new brand of flood mitigation products. Buffalo Flood Systems are designed to be strongest and most reliable flood defence products available on the market. We strive for innovating and quality flood products, engineered with simplicity and usability to deliver robust solutions for clients. Our product range is built on our experience working [...]