Here are a few reasons why the Buffalo Anti Flood Air Brick is a great product for your property:

  • Improve energy efficiency – The Buffalo air brick is designed to be highly energy efficient, reducing the heat lost under your floorboards and helping with lower energy bills and a more sustainable home. Sub-floor voids have been proven to allow energy to leave the property. This is especially true in windy areas. According to the Energy Saving Trust, 10-20% of heat loss from a building can be through the floors if they’re not insulated to a reasonable standard, and you could save between £40-£65 on your energy bill through floor insulation. This savings can compound over time. The Buffalo Air Brick helps improve energy efficiency by reducing the draft, while maintaining adequate ventilation to prevent damp.


  • Anti-flood protection – The air brick is designed to provide superior flood protection, helping to keep your home dry and safe. Many properties in the UK have sub-floor voids, with air bricks required to ventilate the sub floor void and prevent damp. However, air bricks are located at a low level, therefore low level flooding can cause water to enter the property via an air brick. In a flood event, you could protect your air bricks with air brick flood covers or sandless sandbags. However, these require manual intervention (i.e. you need to be in the property at the time of flooding or close to protect your property). The Buffao Anti Flood Air Brick is a passive flood protection, i.e. it automaticaly protects your property in a flood event. As the air bricks have automatic flood protection built in, you do not need to need to store the protection or remember where you have stored an alternative solution. In fact, if your property is at flood risk, you probably have alot of things to sort out (and quickly). Therefore, not having to worry about the flood protection for your air bricks is a weight off your shoulders. It means you can focus your time on protecting other areas of your property, like installing flood barriers for your garage or front door.


  • Easy to install – The air brick is designed to be easy to install with minimal effort, allowing you to quickly and easily enhance your home’s protection against flooding. Alternative anti flood air bricks require a screwdriver, which sometimes you have forgot or you dont have the right size. The Buffalo Air Brick is unique, as it has a simple clip on or off grill. This is useful for installation, but also if you want to maintain the air brick. A quick clip off is much easier than finding a screwdriver and going round unscrewing the grill. This makes installation and maintenance quick and easy.


  • Durable – The air brick is designed to be highly durable, providing you with long-term protection and peace of mind. Design the air brick with a material that is waterproof and insulated ABS.